Frequently asked questions

How to book an entrance for 2 people?

First, you need to have your Buddy in the app among friends (see the guide “How to invite a buddy in three steps”). You click on the reservation with him/her.

If you have friends in the app:

If you do not have friends yet:

How to invite a Buddy in three steps?
  1. Recommend the app to your Buddy via entering his/her phone number in the section “Buddies.”
  2. Your Buddy will get an invitation SMS with your recommendation code. The recommendation code can be found in the section “Buddies” in the top right corner. This code needs to be entered by your Buddy when registering, and both of you will get 5€ credit for your next reservation.
  3. Buddy confirms your invitation in the app.

Process, if the Buddy does NOT have an app and registration yet:

Process, if the Buddy IS registered:

How to purchase an entry?

In the application, go to the section “Entries” and choose from the offered convenient quantity passes. In the final step of the order, the app will automatically deduct entries from the pass.

If you wish to purchase a one-time entry, simply just go through the reservation process. In the final step of the order, the price for the basic entry will be automatically assigned.

How to request a forgotten password?

After logging in, click on “Forgotten password.” An e-mail for password resetting will be automatically generated and sent to the given e-mail address.

How to cancel a reservation?

You can cancel a reservation latest 2h before the start of the reservation.
If you have a pre-purchased entries in a form of a pass and you cancel the reservation latest 2h in advance, the entries will be added to your pass back.
If you have purchased a basic one-time entry and you cancel the reservation latest 2h in advance, the money will be returned to you in a form of a coupon. (See “How to redeem a coupon”).

How do I know, how many entries I have left?

In the section “Entries” at the top, search for the “Available entries: (amount).”

Why is it necessary for every visitor to have the app?

Reservation is personalised and is subject to the allocation and opening of the locker. Thanks to registration, you can also buy drinks and merchandise.

How to book a massage?

The application will show you a massage icon at certain time slots. If you choose the specific time slot, in the next step, the ap will ask you, whether you want to add a certain type of massage to your reservation. You can choose the desired massage and continue to the next steps of the order.

How is the massage?

You order the massage directly in the application. The massage icon lights up for each date and time. In the next step, you can choose the type that suits you the best.
The massage reservation has its own massage and sauna. The sauna takes place for the first hour and then, with a warmed and relaxed body, the guest moves to the massage room with the therapist.

Can the massage be booked separately?

Currently, we do not offer such an option.

At Elysium Spa, massage is combined as a sauna and massage package.