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Smart sauna

Elysium Spa is a mobile sauna unit, that does not require building permissions. It comes as a turnkey construction along with the entire technology. Simple operation, minimal servicing and the possibility of personalised settings will guarantee you a unique sauna experience without unnecessary worries.


You get a unique combination of sauna, hardware and software.


Designer Finnish sauna.


The sauna is created in cooperation with the architectural studio GRAU.

Create a wellness zone. Anywhere.

What is a part of Elysium Smart Sauna?

ElysiumSpa is a sauna unit in the style of a container, but its construction is built separately. It is possible to choose the proportions, shade and other accessories exactly according to your wishes and the limitations of the given place. You can choose a sauna unit for 10 with an outdoor cooling room, a relaxation room or to enjoy only a smart sauna. It is also possible to add a small indoor sauna to your service.

The exact price will be determined based on the size, type and number of sauna units, the number of functions and the complexity of the technology. The minimum service fees associated with technology management will be delivered and invoiced by Elysium.

Mobile building in minimalist Nordic style. “Container” type

  • All-glass wall made of double tempered glass for a perfect view without heat leakage
  • Premium, natural birch wood cladding
  • Security door with electric lock
  • Ambient lightning and the option to select other sauna functions for the perfect comfort
  • Optimised energy consumption, remotely operated and clearly-viewed on any tablet

Built-in relaxation zone for peace and relaxation in any weather

  • Cooling shower for repeating sauna cycles

Integrated Smart technologies

  • Biometric device providing access using a Face Key or QR code
  • Tablet for setting smart sauna functions
  • Mobile booking management application available for bot iOS and Android, with private operation access